Tuesday, November 16

The Color Purple

No, this is not what the Ricketts family is doing to try and obtain public money for renovations. It's not my attempt at Photoshop either. This Saturday Northwestern University will play host to Illinois at Wrigley Field in the Wrigleyville Classic. It's amazing how attached to color we are as humans. When I first stumbled upon this scene my brain couldn't process what it was seeing, "Why is the sign purple? But it's always been red." After a few moments I was approached by a Valspar Paint marketing rep and I learned that this was sponsored by Valspar and it's more of a study in color theory & psychology than anything else. Regardless, I'm eagerly awaiting the return of the original red. 

Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

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  1. Dang I wish I had captured this! I heard about it too late. You have done a terrific job with this image! I am purple with jealousy!, well, you know what I mean. :)