Wednesday, December 29

Winter Splendor

“We want that center, we yearn for it, we need it. It shouldn't look like New York or Paris, it should look like us.”-Frank Gehry.

I'm not sure what city that quote was in reference to. It could have been any number of national or international cities.  I don't think it really matters which city he was talking about because the quote applies to every city (except New York and Paris of course). A walk through Millennium Park is a walk through Chicago. Yes it can be touristy and no it's not the Chicago of old, whatever that is, but it does capture a very special part of Chicago's character . . . civic pride. Chicagoans are an incredibly proud bunch and with very good right. Millennium Park blends the best Chicago's offerings: world class architecture, diverse outdoor space, epic performance space, public accessibility and an intimate, in your face view of the skyline among other things. Like many of my posts I encourage you to experience this place in the middle of winter. You'll get to explore the space without crowds and you'll get to experience the park in a way 90% of tourists never will . . . and there is something about that that makes it all your own.

Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

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