Thursday, October 21

Early Warning - Mucca Pazza

If you are into 30 piece, circus-punk, marching bands then you have probably seen Mucca Pazza several times. If you have been to any number of Chicago street fests you've probably seen them too. If not, now is your chance. After a long tour they are returning home to Chicago to open up for the Dresden Dolls at the Vic next month. It's an opportunity to experience an energy and sense of life that rarely accompanies music these days. Usually I measure the quality of a band by the disdain hipsters show for said band. In the case of Mucca Pazza just ask any hipster if they like them and you will most likely get the traditional "Psshhh" accompanied by the look of indifference and/or eye rolling. Translated, this means that 'they used to really like them but now more than 32 people know who they are, in which case they suck.'

 Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

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