Thursday, October 14

Fountain of the Tritons

Some might think it difficult to find peace and quiet in a city the size of Chicago. If you know where to look (and when to go) you can find zen moments in the most unexpected of places. Take the Art Institute of Chicago for example. Without a doubt this is one of the busiest tourist attractions in the city and for good reason. By taking advantage of the Fall-Winter-Spring seasons you can spend intimate time with the artwork and the space itself. This is a photograph of the Fountain of Tritons which sits in the outdoor patio at the Garden Cafe. Become a member for $80/year and you get unlimited entry for 2 people year round and free coffee in the Members Lounge. The best $80 I've spent in a long time.

Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

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