Wednesday, January 5

Open Sky

View from Navy Pier on a brutally cold and windy day in January.
I think it would be safe to say that I've been to Navy Pier less than any tourist who has visited Chicago in the last 10 years. Unless you like large crowds, Bud Light, $18 parking lots or Bubba Gump Shrimp there aren't many reasons to go other than to take in views of the city that are pretty good. Despite it's lack of soul, Navy Pier still maintains its hold as one of Chicago's top tourist attractions year after year. Maybe it's the ferris wheel. One could probably make an argument that the Rock and Roll McDonald's is a better representation of Chicago than Navy Pier. The good news is that by 2016 Navy Pier is scheduled to be updated, overhauled and/or redesigned. This is an opportunity to add some much needed authenticity to the pier. 

Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

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