Thursday, September 30

Font Crush II

Once again I'm feeling the old skool fonts. They are so prevalent in Chicago. This is a shot from The Bohemian National Cemetery on Foster and Pulaski. If you enjoy cemeteries at all this is a great place to check out. If you don't believe me you can search 'em out on Yelp . . . they've got a 4 star rating (what? you don't rate your cemeteries? pppshhhh.)

Photo by Michael Patrick Perry-Feel free to use images with links and credit – no commercial use without permission

1 comment:

  1. Like this one - Love the golden Autumn light in this one. I sorta believed you about the cemeteries' ratings but I clicked the link anyway. Saw under "related searches" that people also rate funeral parlors, too. Wow! We have opinions about EVERYTHING nowadays ;)